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When you watch the stats after the game

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When you watch the stats after the game, if you see Mario tower pass to Mario tower touchdowns, please do not think this is a mistake Colin Wilson Jersey. AFC Cardinals, Tennessee Titans team guest Kansas Chiefs in the third quarter of the game, in the Kansas City Chiefs 6 yards line P.K. Subban Jersey, Titan team third-notch offensive scores, Mario tower first to his left Move and then try to pass the ball to a teammate in the end zone. But when the ball shot, the Emirates defensive player Darrell Rivers hit the ball in the air, then Mario homeopathic grabbed the rugby, rushed to the end zone, and finally complete touchdowns Seth Jones Jersey. This touchdowns, the score rewritten 10-21, narrowing the Chiefs had a huge lead. Titan’s offensive team in the first half of the game is not ready, Mario Tower this “I come” performance sounded the Titan counterattack in the second half horn Mike Ribeiro Jersey. In the first match, both teams failed to play the offensive team. However, the Rams’ SWAT team may be too concerned about their performance at home, too want to help the team win the points as soon as possible. However, as the saying goes, impatient to eat hot tofu, back attacker Black – Ketisi catch the ball so Falcon team from the Rams 30 yards at half offensive. Fortunately, the Rams defensive team or defend the opponent’s attack, but let the Falcon team hit a free kick, 3-0.

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